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The Morality of Intervention

Kerry Anne Searle addresses the subject of foreign intervention through several theoretical lenses. The dialogue of international law reveals the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) as the power head in international affairs. The United Nation’s charter, for the sake of international stability, mandates through chapter 1 article 2.4, the prohibition
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The Political Economy of Apartheid

Kerry-Anne Searle, a frequent contributor to YPIA, warns against any remerging advocacy of the Apartheid regime in a passionate and supported discussion of the shortcomings of the Apartheid’s political economy. Today I went with a fellow Monash graduate to the Apartheid Museum. I decided to explore the nature of this
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Infrastructure investments in the East-West Africa corridor: China’s master plan faces challenges

By Ogi Williams[1] Beginning in the early 2000s China has taken a strong initiative to become an integral partner in Africa’s development. Infrastructure investments and increasing levels of diplomacy have brought Asia’s powerhouse closer to Africa with intent to cut out Western influence altogether. One major development that has taken
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Click on TOOLS – SECURITY SETTINGS – SELECT Reframe the Approach and APPLY

Dané Smith, a Monash University alumnus, a teacher in the Middle East and a contributing writer to YPIA discusses the need for the transnational cyber security threat to be better reframed and informed by nuanced understanding, rather than familiar international approaches.   The 2014 International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Plenipotentiary Conference
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Young People in International Affairs (YPIA) is an entity at the forefront of identifying and creating opportunities for young enthusiasts throughout the African continent. YPIA promotes young African leadership and cooperation based on meeting the challenges of today’s international world.

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Key YPIA supporters looking for staff


Key YPIA supporters, the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) and the US Embassy in Pretoria, are looking for right personnel to join their team. Details can be found below.   Information and Media Assistant REF: VA 15-031 Recruiter: American Embassy Updated on: 2015-03-20 00:00:00 AA/EE: Not Applicable Contract Permanent Location: Pretoria Available: Immediately
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YPIA Newsletter 2013 Year End Recap

YPIA Newsletter 2013

YPIA was busy during 2013, with a mixture of events and training sessions. Below is a recap of some of the memorable moments throughout the year. Enjoy the reading and don’t forget to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter!

YPIA Monash holds elections

Morudi Phetla

  2014 began with us restructuring YPIA to make it more of a student driven initiative. The first step was establishing our very own constitution. Next, we had to run elections to step up our first YPIA Monash Branch Executive Committee [BEC], a process in which all YPIA members were encouraged to participate. 2014 elected
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Upcoming Events

YPIA Monash Events Semester 2, 2014

Raymond Ackerman talk

  YPIA has hosted and participated in a number of events so far in semester two of 2014. This includes: Debate social This initiative was organised in collaboration with the Monash University South Africa Debate Association [MUSADA] in an effort to raise awareness and encourage students to get involved in the up and coming debate
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YPIA Monash Semester 1 2014 events,


Dr Yuri Maltsev YPIA staff and members attended Dr Maltsev’s address at the Free Market Foundation. It was an exciting experience. He is a dynamic speaker with a vast array of experiences from his time on the economic team advising Gorbachev to later in the US when he defected. His talk highlighted the importance of
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YPIA visits Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg

Culture is one of the major characteristics that define who we are. Starting from a broad perspective of a nation to the smallest redefined perspective of an individual, they all seek what is called ‘identification’. To be more precise, in the South African perspective, a person’s identity is grounded to his or her culture. This
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